What is PDR?

(Paintless Dent Repairs)

Our main priority after any hailstorm is to ensure that we meet the needs of customers in minimising the cost of repairs. Paintless dent removal, known otherwise in short as PDR, is a process where if possible, dents are repaired without damaging the original paint. This means that the cost of repairing the vehicle is reduced. Of course in some of the more devastating hailstorms with larger hailstones, such a process may not be so viable. In this case, our professional technicians will offer advice in regards to alternative conventional work.

The process of dent demoval is rather complicated and requires patience and skill. It takes years of experience to master the techniques and most PDR technicans are able to produce most work with ease applying the right amount of pressure to get a smooth finish and without the need to have cars resprayed from the original factory colour. Technicians have increased access to special tools that have further improved quality.

The Dent Shed technicians do a thorough check on all panels of the vehicle during the inspection process. The final report then uses all these variables to arrive at the realistic quotation. These quotations and inspection techniques are in accordance to insurance requirements.